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5 Dating Cliches That Are Ruining Your Expectations


The Goodnight Kiss

While this may not be the most cliché on our list, romance movies have given us the impression that most first date goodnight kisses are smooth and swoon-worthy. This is not the case for real life. While there may be doubts on whether you should kiss goodnight after the first date, there shouldn’t be any pressure to make it the most magical kiss ever. Take it for what it is (or isn’t!) and you’ll be surprised at how much you can enjoy a pressure-free date.

The Not-So-Coincidental Running Into Each Other Cliché

Unless you live in a small town of 500 people, chances are, you won’t bump into each other in a cutesy way at the coffee shop. In romance movies, it seems that the main love duo are always bumping into each other in places they’d least likely find the other and those moments are pivotal in advancing their romance plot. Don’t wait for fate to schedule your next date! Pick up the phone yourself and ask them before they start to think you lost interest in them.

Falling In Love Right Away

Unfortunately, not all of us start falling in love with each other right away. Sometimes, love takes a while to creep up; other times, it doesn’t happen at all. In even rarer moments, love washes us over and drowns us right away. If you happen to be dating someone right now, don’t lose hope if the two of you haven’t felt that “love connection” just yet; it may take a bit more time than you expected. After all, what’s the rush? Dating to get to know each other is one of the best parts of romance!

The Chase

Once again, we refer to the cheesy romance movies for this cliché. If there comes a point in your relationship that you two have a fight and you’re hoping to reconcile, they most likely won’t chase you around town to make amends. Most people sulk and wait for the other to make contact, and that’s when fatal mistakes happen. One could choose to move on to someone else or worse, they could choose to give up on you.

The Cheesy Love Declaration

With a few exceptions of flash mob proposals, promposals and etc., the cheesy love declaration in reality is a simple “I love you,” or even the awkwardly quintessential , “I love spending time with you.” No matter the case, expecting your loved one to declare their love for you in the most over-the-top way can ruin your love life, simply because of the fact that you have an expectation in the first place. Once you start placing emphasis on how they need to meet your expectations, that’s a dangerous path to go down because they’ll never feel like you appreciate them for who they are, flaws and all. One day you might find them packing up their bags and leaving.

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