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Blog: 4 Body Language Secrets You Didn’t Know

By June 13, 2014Dating Tips

blog-bodylanguageIf you want to find out what’s really going on with someone of the opposite sex, read his or her body language. You’ll find all kinds of secrets being revealed in the way they stand, the way they touch your arm, even in the way they move their face!

Decode four of these body language secrets that you may not have paid attention to in the past using our helpful guide:

Talks with His Hands

Ever met a guy who loves to use his hands while he’s speaking? Turns out that this is a signal of a great communicator! A “hand talker” is usually awesome at expressing himself (both out of the bedroom and in it).


If you find a guy giving you a slight smile – where he raises one side of his closed mouth – then prepare to play hard to get. A smirking man is one that likes a good challenge, so it’s up to you to take that hint and play it coy if you want to snag him.

Feet Pointed Towards You

You’re probably just used to checking out her face while you’re mid-conversation, but if you want to know whether or not she’s feeling you take a look down at her feet. A foot (and knee) pointed towards you is a welcoming signal, but one that points in the other direction usually means just the opposite. And if that foot happens to be placed in between yours, well, let’s just say things are looking GOOD.

Touching Her Lips, Wine Glass, Jewelry

When she uses her fingers to touch her lips, her neck or her collarbone, you can pretty much guarantee that she’s into you! In order to get more of your attention she may start playing with things that are close by (read: wine glass, salt and pepper shaker, etc.). See her fussing with the bracelets on her arm? This is yet another sign that she may be interested as most people fidget when they feel nervous!

Have you ever noticed any of the above body language moves? Did they go totally unnoticed, but now you’re wishing you had picked them up? Let us know in a comment below!

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