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Blog: 10 Phone Dating Tips (for Guys)

blog-phonedatingOne complaint we tend to get from our Quest Male users is that they are not connecting with enough women on the line. As a female user to the system, I have a good idea of what works and what doesn’t- and unfortunately there is a lot of what doesn’t! That being said, I want to help improve the overall experience for both the guys and my fellow ladies on the line. So I have come up with a few tips on how our Quest guys can get more ladies on the line. Here it goes… our top phone dating tips:

1)      Recording a greeting: This is your best advertisement. Given that the greeting will be the first impression the girls have of you, you need to make it count.

– Tell us a little about yourself (Name, description, job, activities or hobbies you enjoy)
– State your intent- are you looking for a conversation, flirting, or even maybe meeting up
– Speak clearly and don’t make it too long- you only have a few seconds to catch my attention

– Sexual content: down there measurements, telling me how ‘horny’ you are or (heaven forbid) sounds that indicate you are pleasuring yourself- are HUGE flags and liable to get you blocked
– Mumbling, low tones or ‘creepy’ voices, I want to hear you, so it is important that I can understand what you are saying. When I hear a low voice with heavy breathing, I press 3 to skip immediately. Put your best self forward so I can hear it and I am much more likely to connect

2)      Sending a Message: This is your chance to connect with me directly. Try to be original and target your message specifically to me to let me know you are interested.

– Introduce yourself and use my name- this makes your message more personal and gives me a chance to meet you and decide if I want to connect
– Reference something from my greeting- women love to know that men are paying attention. Ask me a question about something I said in my greeting to gain my attention and prompt a response

– Ask me something sexual- especially right out of the gate, this is not a question I am going to answer, and I will probably think you are being sleezy and block or skip you
– Stalk- If you have sent me one or two messages and I haven’t responded, you are probably just not what I am looking for today. Don’t disappoint yourself and annoy the girl by flooding her mailbox until she is forced to block you- there are plenty of other girls on the line to talk to so simply move on and find the right one for you.

3)      Live Connections: You obviously have my attention- now keep it by making sure you are a great conversation partner for me.

– Have some conversation topics in mind. If I accept your connection you have to be ready to go with some stimulating conversation to keep me on the line, otherwise it gets awkward.
– Make me laugh- making a girl laugh is the quickest way to get her interest. The more fun I am having, the longer I will stay chatting to you.

– Try to use a live connection as a booty call- Even if this is what she is looking for, you can’t just bombard her with a proposal- she is not a prostitute, she is a woman looking to connect, just like you are. Having a conversation first is always the best way to start off, and then you can feel out each other’s’ intentions.

Hopefully this has given you a little bit of insight into the females on the other side of your connections guys. If you apply these helpful tips you should be making more meaningful connections in no time! So get started now- Happy Chatting!

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