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Twister – A cheesy junior school party game by day, and a sexy way to start some bedroom fun by night! Unroll the dotted mat, strip down and get all tangled up together on the floor – heating up a winter night has never been easier.

Striptease Card Games – Break out the deck of cards and play any game you want (poker, blackjack, war), whoever loses the hand has got to remove a piece of clothing. Want to get to the bedroom faster? Lose on purpose!

Seven Minutes in Heaven – Set the stopwatch for 7 minutes and then go to town on one another! No need to disappear from a party to get this one done the right way (although you could if you really wanted to make it naughty).

Blindfold Taste Test – Thought finding sexy games for couples needed to include a trip to the store? Look no further than your very own refrigerator and his tie rack for this one! Grab some fruit, ice cream, and chocolate sauce – whatever makes for a super fun and sensual guessing game.

Never Have I Ever – We’ve all played this one at parties in the past, but what about playing it with your lover? The snow might be keeping you inside tonight, but you’ll barely notice once you start this drinking game together. 

Roll the Dice – One of the hottest games for couples to play at home! Create a list of 12 sex positions or sexy actions that correspond to the sides of your dice. Each of you then takes a turn rolling and performing!

Movie Drinking Games – Watch a flick that you both love and make up drinking rules based on different character actions. By the time the credits roll you and your partner will have gotten a great buzz on that may just guide you into some spicy bedroom antics!

20 Questions – A simple game of 20 questions has never been so revealing! The point of this back and forth is to find out what sexual fantasy each of you craves in a safe and fun way.

Scavenger Hunt – Show off your creativity by putting together a super sexy scavenger hunt for your partner to accomplish in a set amount of time. You can have them go looking for things you’ve hid or make it revolve around sexy things you’d like them to do!

 Sexy Board Games – You each get to set your sexy terms for what the loser must do after you’ve played your favourite board game. This one is so easy to play because you can literally use any game you’ve got on hand: Scrabble, Monopoly, Clue – the possibilities are endless!





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