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10 Dating Habits That Are Creepy If The Person Doesn’t Find You Attractive

By December 27, 2014Dating Tips


1. Excessive social media behaviour

Liking photos or status updates excessively can definitely be a creepy dating habit especially if the person you like doesn’t necessarily return the same feelings you have.

2. Remembering too much about them

Remembering a really mundane and small bit of information from the first date three weeks ago, like how Tracy from work spilled coffee all over your new Zara blue striped shirt that day, isn’t that cute when someone is just not into you.

3. Meeting the parents before you introduce them

Remember Kate Hudson’s attempt to lose a guy in 10 days? She took it upon herself to meet her partner’s mom before he even introduced them to each other. Can you say creepy? No matter how much you like the person, it’s just a creepy dating habit if you overstep these personal boundaries.

4. Making plans for the future

Just started dating someone? Don’t plan the next 15 dates and let them know about it. Daydream all you want, but you run the risk of your partner running away if you start off too serious with them.

5. Being possessive or overprotective

If someone gets jealous over your physical or emotional contact with others, that’s a red flag. This dating habit is creepy especially if the relationship isn’t exclusive.

6. Clinginess

Being super clingy on the first few dates isn’t attractive at all and it won’t cement the promise of future dates. Ease up on the cling and let your date chase you a bit.

7. Discussing sex habits

There’s no creepier dating habit than discussing sex habits and preferences before you’ve even had sex. If a fetish comes up and there’s no chemistry at all between you and a date, it could come off as creepy.

8. Persistent Contact

Sure a phone call once in a while is nice, but calling someone three or more times a day can be a creepy dating habit. The same goes for social media shout outs or text message spamming!

9. Too much disclosure

First dates are meant to serve as the foundation for getting to know someone, but disclosing really sensitive or information that is way too serious, can come off as creepy. You might think you’re doing your date a favour, but make sure a connection is established before you drop your baggage. This is by far one of the worst dating habits to have.

10. Dropping by unexpectedly

If you somehow always surprise your date at the right time and right place, and they haven’t even disclosed their daily schedule to you, this is stalker material happening right here. Stop this dating habit; it’s not even cute in the movies.

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