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The 10 Commandments of Phone Dating

By June 1, 2015Dating Tips


We may not have written these on old ancient tablets, but trust us, these commandments are words to live by when it comes to phone dating successfully. Refer to these 10 rules the next time you pick up a call and you’re bound to make a great impression.

1. Ask Questions

It’s important to be open and share things with your phone partner, but you should always remember that conversation is a two way street! Reciprocate by asking questions that help you get to know who you’re talking to – this is a date after all! 

2. Don’t Be Creepy

Just because you can’t see the person doesn’t mean date etiquette should go out the window. If you wouldn’t do it in real life then you definitely shouldn’t do it on a call. Be respectful and have fun (without any over-the-line suggestions or comments) okay?


Phone dating isn’t always the most comfortable situation for people who are just getting to know each other, so don’t be afraid to let your humor shine through. Laughter helps break awkward tension and reminds everyone to keep things light and fun. 

4. Be Open

The point of a phone date is to get to know someone better before making the leap to a real life hang out, but can anyone get to know you if you don’t open up? One-word answers and limited reveals aren’t likely to get you to the next level so try to give as much as you receive.


There’s nothing more frustrating than being on the phone with someone who acts distracted. Focus on what your date is saying in order to prove that you’re present and listening.

6. No Offensive Jokes

Getting to know someone takes time over the phone and offensive jokes are usually best reserved for those that know you and your humor well. With that in mind, try and stay away from comments that could be misinterpreted by the other person (it’s not a great way to make a good impression).

7. Keep it Private

Respect your phone date partner by finding a quiet and private space to talk. Sitting in a room surrounded by friends while you’re getting to know somebody on a call is not only distracting for the other person on the line, it’s plain rude.

 8. Use Icebreakers

Not sure what to say on a first phone date? Don’t be afraid to use games or icebreakers to get conversation going. Your partner will appreciate the effort and it’ll help you overcome any initial anxieties.

9. No Mumbling

Throw it back to mama’s advice and E-NUN-CI-ATE your words! Nobody wants to talk to someone over the phone that mumbles every single thing they say. If you want to get the phone dating thing right be sure to speak at a normal pace and clearly.

10. Suggest Real Life Date Ideas

Phone dating is only the first step in your date journey – remember to take things to the real life level with those you connect with on a call by suggesting possible hang out ideas.


Feeling ready to tackle the exciting world of phone dating? Then go forth child and use these 10 commandments along the way for ultimate success.

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