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Wake up sleepy head

By July 5, 2017Self-Improvement

…Get up, get outta bed!

Live, love, laugh and be happy!


Are you getting enough sleep? Or maybe you are getting too much? Yes, that’s a thing. According to a recent study too much sleep has a risk of diabetes, heart disease and stroke. Sleeping too much can be a sign of a bigger problem, like depression or loneliness. When you are in the chat room seeking local singles, an interesting topic of conversation could be all about sleep patterns. Why do we sleep anyway? We need to give our bodies and minds a chance to recuperate from our daily lives, but too often we use sleep as a sort of self-medication or escape from problems we face in the wakened world.

Here are some ideas to help you stay in reality and not sleep either too much or too little.

Have an active social life! There are thousands of local singles on Quest and everyone has ideas on fun activities (Or naughty ones for that matter!)

Get enough exercise. It doesn’t have to be a grueling workout either. Grab a  friend and play tennis or basketball at the local rec center. Go swimming or biking a few times a week or even a brisk walk over to a friend’s place or the library.

Don’t stress over things you cannot change! Let go of your worries and just enjoy life.

Make sure you have a comfortable, welcoming place to sleep. Clean, fresh bedding, aromatherapy is very useful in helping one unwind. I love lavender on my sheets! A good unwinding routine is also very helpful in getting to the sleepy place too! Brushing teeth, a cup of chamomile tea, laying out your clothes for the next day, whatever little plan works for you!

Set your alarm and stick to it! No snoozing. Like Jerry Seinfeld said if you hit the snooze button you’ve already failed at your first task of the day; getting up!

Our lives are already so short. Don’t waste more time than you need sleeping it away.

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