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Sweet Gift Ideas for your Valentine


Less than weeks to go and still wondering what to get that special someone for V-Day? Even when searching Chat lines for local singles, I am sure a lot of people are asking the same question; What do I get for Valentine’s gifts?

Here are some of the most popular gift ideas this year;

For Her

This cute little item is one of my faves! From  $25 @

Burn these candles and you’ll discover a secret piece of collectible jewelry.  A few select candles will contain an extraordinary $10,000 diamond charm!  I want one! 

Map of the human heart….

Map out where you first met, where you live now, or another place of special significance and you’ll get a personalized jigsaw puzzle featuring that location. Extra sweet is the heart-shaped center piece 39.95

Love shines bright, on your ears tonight….

Love shaped earrings…need I say more? It’s written on your face my love! Or at least very close to your face! Do earlobes count as the face?

$18 and up


For Him or both of you

I guess these can be called unisex too. These are really adorable, for either a long-term or a hint to say “I wanna hold your hand” you can’t go wrong with these smitten mittens….er…smittens? um…mittens for the smitten? $60,


Plant it….a daily reminder of your beloved and great for getting oxygen in your place too!

If a dozen long-stems won’t do, consider a lucky bamboo plant that’s been trained to form two hearts ($29.98 and up),

For anyone…or just do it as a Valentine’s gift to the planet

This one is my fave, no surprise there huh?

If your honey has everything, spend your money on a worthy cause like the Save the Manatee Club, or hundreds of others that are meaningful to you two or just to you…

There you go kiddies! A few ideas to get the creative juices flowing and make you number one with your hun-bun

Peace and LOVE

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