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Surviving Christmas

By December 5, 2017Self-Improvement


Do you have a hard time at the holidays? Do you feel pressure to buy beyond your means or be someone you aren’t simply to impress your family? We all go through this and though it would be great to just not succumb to these pressures to buy and be the ideal of success your family thinks you should be, that’s easier said than done.

Here are some tips for helping you survive the holidays…and maybe even enjoy them!

Look gorgeous! This is always my best beginning to deal with stressful situations. I make my hair, grooming and clothing as clean and nice as possible. It’s like wearing a mask, except its just a great version of you.

Listen instead of talk. I find in these holiday situations, I prefer asking questions and listening to the other people. It takes a lot of the pressure of you, you will be well thought of and you will have less of that; “why did I say that” when you get home!

Choose thoughtful gifts. Don’t do the gift card, trendy gadget or worse; cash route this year. Pick something that is truly about giving and caring. Something they can’t find fault with! Choose items like Nature calendars where the proceeds go to conservation. Or crafts made by villagers in Africa. Pick something you care about and use your Christmas money to benefit those who really need it. It might give old pompous brother or judgmental sister a much-needed dose of the milk of human kindness!

Don’t participate in gossip. You might talk about this when on chat lines and seeking local singles. When someone leaves the room or tries to whisper behind their hand about someone, tell them you need a glass of eggnog. Do everything you can to avoid these kinds of conversations. People who need to put others down are a negative force and should be avoided at all costs. But be careful how you do it, or you could be the next one to be whispered about.

Radiate love and kindness…even if you’re seething inside! You’ll be surprised how if you fake it long enough, it will actually begin to resonate, inside and out.

Be the change you want to be and have a joyous Holiday!

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