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Playing love games…and winning

By February 21, 2017Relationship Advice

Play the game
Everybody play the game
Of love
Do you play games? Often you’ve heard people say that online, when searching for local singles on chat lines; “I don’t play games”
First of all; I call shenanigans. Everyone plays games. Secondly, why the heck wouldn’t you want to play games? Games are fun. Intriguing and can add a little magic to life. In fact it’s human nature to be excited and titillated by things that are challenging to accomplish. Sure laying all your cards on the table might be honest and no-nonsense, but it makes for a mighty short game.
How do you play the love games that can intrigue and stimulate your object of affection, without going into the realm of playing them for a fool?
The real difference is playing for fun and flirting is exciting but lying and playing too many hearts at once is painful. Play the game to win the hand of the one you are interested in. That’s the best and most satisfying way to play.
Remember when you are first dating to never give in to your passions too soon either. There’s a lot to be said for delayed gratification. But just in case…always carry protection!
Texting and sexting are an important part of playing too. The subtle or not-so-subtle use of teasing with words is never to be downplayed.
Never being too available, being just slightly out-of-reach is always a surefire way to keep your intended on their toes. It’s a constantly shifting series of rules that ebb and flow. The fun part is that it’s never lame but the prize remains the same.
That being said; here are some tips and tricks for playing and winning the game of love.

Playing the Love Game

Stay on the ball and in the game kiddies. That’s what life and love are all about. Play often!

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