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Losing my religion

By May 17, 2017Self-Improvement


Does your religion matter more than love? Some people will leave behind everything, even a kingdom for love. Others simply will not even consider a person if they are not the same religion. How much does it matter in the long run? Would you change your belief system for the love of your life?

But what is religion anyway? It’s really all just various people guessing who we are, where we came from and what our life’s purpose is.
Doesn’t it really all come down to being a good person, not hurting others for pleasure or profit and being the best human animal you can possibly be?
I mean isn’t all the labeling and segregating just hurting us and our planet? Whether you believe in Jesus, or his dad, or Allah, Buddha, Gaia or the Great Spaghetti Monster, truth is we are all nothing but vibrating strings of energy. The more enlightened we become, via education, cognitive leaps, accepting intuition as a valid sense, being kind, abstaining from cruelty both in our lifestyles and in our diets, then the faster our vibratory fields become and the higher the level of advancement we reach, both in this life and the next incarnation of the energies we are made up of.
Can I prove that? No, we can prove nothing. Yet it feels right to me and I can come a lot closer to proving that through the study of quantum physics than I’ve seen in any standard religion. The elevation of one living creature above another is a dangerous and destructive game. It prevents us from fully loving each other and truly isn’t that what we are here for?
Our soul’s purpose in not to shop at Walmart and buy products made from enslaved families while their governments get rich. Not to destroy this wondrous home we live on with greed for oil and meat! Not to close our eyes while human animals die in agony of diseases caused by animals who also lived and died in agony while the countries that provide the grain to force feed these animals have millions starving so that grain can feed those sad factory farmed animals! Not to enslave some for the entertainment of others.
AND absolutely NOT to kill each other over our differences of religion, geography, income level, gender or the amount of melanin in our skin!
All these things are happening on your planet right now.
It is time for us to come back around to what we are meant to be; Enlightened, educated, alive and in love.
Love, it’s what it’s really all about.
Awaken! We are ONE

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