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Your cheating heart…will tell on you


Have you ever been cheated on? Nothing is more heartbreaking than putting your faith and trust in someone only to find they’ve been putting something much more fleshy into someone else.

How do you deal? The problem is, usually that person is your best friend, confidant and the one you turn to when things go wrong. So who do you discuss things with now?

It’s not the sharing of sex and their body that is so hurtful, it’s the intimacy that they’re sharing that really hurts the most.

So how do you deal with it?

Your first instinct is to break it off with them, but sometimes therapy helps too. It depends on a lot of factors. In order to understand and figure out where to go from here, you have to clear your head and look at things with a somewhat dispassionate frame of mind. Yeah, I know, easier said than done right? But if you can step back and assess you may save a relationship worth keeping, or save yourself years of hardship and pain.

There are levels of cheating. I know that sounds like an excuse but it’s true.

There is the chronic cheater. They are addicted to attention and usually very insecure. These types of relationships can be quite toxic and you know what you do with toxins? Flush them. On the other hand; you could be someone in a great, long-term committed relationship, but lately you’ve been busy at work, taking your partner for granted, not giving attention and compliments and then you just sort of slip away from that close bond you once shared. Your partner might find themselves in a situation where they suddenly feel lonely and unloved and might not even realize it. An interested party at work pursuing them, an office party, too many drinks…a vulnerable person…a predatory person…you get what I mean.

This is a case of a lot of circumstances align to create the perfect chance for a cheat. But, if handled correctly you can still save the relationship. Understanding what causes someone to wander can prevent cheating in the future. We humans do tend to start to take things for granted when they are good and then before you know it, we’ve lost it. Remind yourself to maintain your relationships. Love is like a garden, it needs love and light, tending and just a little bit of bullshit to make it grow well!

Here are some resources to help you deal with cheating.

Until next time kiddies; love as much and as often as you can!

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