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Beat The January Blahs

By January 10, 2017Self-Improvement

January…blah! Even writing the word just makes me shudder. I think of cold grey, white, slushy blue and wet boots, red nose and numb fingers and toes. And yet, it is a part of our life and rather than be miserable, let’s find something good about January!

Well for one thing, it is fun to search for singles on local chat lines. Get cozy or even more fun; dress sexy! You’d be amazed how that can change your attitude on the phone!

January actually is named for the Roman God Janus the God of doorways and gates, of beginnings and transitions.

WOW! There is nothing bad about that! And what a perfect time when all is cold and blanketed under heaps of pure, clarifying snow, why not make some transitions or beginnings of your own. I find I work on my body and health a lot in January.  Time to step up my yoga or Pilates, add in a little weight training or resistance training and there’s piles of videos available on YouTube for any kind of exercise you might want to try. Try something new every day if you want! Kick-boxing, karate, tae-Bo, Tai kwon do, the choices are endless! And it will give you some great conversation starters or date ideas too. How fun would it be to start up a new friendship or something more based on an interesting new exercise trend?


I cook a lot, experiment with different foods, spices etc. I especially love soups and chowders. I use a lot of winter veggies, like squashes, rutabagas, sweet potatoes and yams, leeks and onions, carrots, garlic, foods that ground you and comfort you.   This is also something I love sharing with another person. You can either share ideas on the phone, get together and cook, shop at new markets and out of the way places for ingredients and get cooking, in the kitchen and the wherever all that happy comfort and health take you after that!


Like anything else in life, January is what you make of it and take from it. Feeling joy with beginnings and transitions gives you something to focus on, to look forward to and maybe even someone to love. My mum told me that’s what Elvis Presley (look it up kiddies) said were the keys to a happy life!

And I do want you happy and healthy kiddies! Stay warm!

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