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5 Things You Can Tell About Your Date By the Way They Treat Your Waiter

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They say that you can tell a lot about the person you’re dating by the way they interact with a waiter at a restaurant. Are they polite, arrogant, impatient? Go ahead and take note of how your date speaks to your server the next time you’re out for dinner together — no matter who they reveal themselves to be, you’re sure to end up with a ton of interesting info! Read More

5 Ways To Celebrate Easter Like An Adult

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Participate in the Easter Egg Tradition

Whether you help create and dye Easter eggs, plan the egg hunt, or help out the little ones as they scavenge for them, help create memories for the younger generation by giving back. Take what you’ve learned from your years of Easter egg hunting and provide that same experience for the young ones! Read More

How to Break Bad Dating Patterns

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Make 2015 your most successful dating year yet by ridding yourself of the bad dating patterns you’ve fallen into in the past! From being too picky to assuming everyone you meet is just like your ex, we’ll give you the low-down on the most common bad dating habits and how to finally break them! Read More

How to Ask Her on a Date

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Once upon a time, in the not so distant past, people had to muster up enough courage to walk up to a crush and ask for a date – IN PERSON. But thanks to the wonders of modern technology, these days the biggest worry in asking someone out is what meme she’ll find the funniest! Or what Instagram photo sums her up most perfectly! Or what text message will impress her the most! So if you have a lady crush you’ve been eyeing for a while now, then checkout how to ask her on a date below. Read More