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A Guide to Dating in the 21st Century

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With Google at the tips of our fingers, you can search dating techniques, what not to wear and the best places to take your date to! Had you been dating before Google was invented, you would have been truly experimenting with unknown places. So revel in the power of Google and use it to your advantage. Do your research before going out on that big date. You’ll be happy you did and so will your date! Read More

How to Prep Your Home Before Bringing a Date Over

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Bringing a date over definitely kicks up the intimacy level on things, but if you don’t prep your space properly before they come over the whole evening could fall apart! Play the host with the most when you follow these simple house prep tips:

Put on a Playlist

Nothing sets the mood like some great music, so before you have your date over for the evening put together a playlist! Tunes will keep the vibes going if you run into conversation lulls, but they’ll also play a big part in helping to move things into the bedroom. Read More

Blog: How to Tell If a Guy is Flirting With You

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Don’t get caught in an embarrassing “is he or isn’t he into me” scenario again! If you truly want to know whether or not that crush is flirting with you, you’ve got to learn to read the signs.

When he finds a way to touch you, you can pretty much take this as a massive sign – the guy is flirting! If you really aren’t sure on his intentions just look for an arm around the shoulder, him grabbing your hand, long hugs, or even a leg brushed up against yours as you sit together. Most men will show you how they feel before they make the move in telling you, so keep an eye out for these subtle signs. Read More

Blog: How to Date a Sports Fanatic

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Thought he just loved sports, but turns out he’s a complete fanatic? No need to worry, you can totally rock this thing – all it takes is finding out where you fit into his obsession, and working the support angle so he feels like you care about his interests. Come on, if he can deal with the hundreds of throw pillows, you can certainly cut him some slack on those Blue Jays bed sheets. Read More

Blog: How to Date After Divorce – It Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

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blog-datingafterdivorceWhen you’re going through a divorce, you’re probably not overly concerned about how to date after divorce. You’re just working your way through the situation and trying to get out with as little damage to both yourself and your former partner as possible.

Dating after divorce is an entirely different animal. You have a past, a history and you probably have a few hesitations when it comes to jumping right back in. But if you do want to move on with your life and find love again – you’re going to have to make the jump. Read More