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Blog: Fair Fighting Tips for You and Your Significant Other

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How to Fight Fair

When the word “fight” comes to mind, you may be thinking couples shouting obscenities at each other, threats to break up, and a lot of finger pointing. These types of fights will get you nowhere positive in your relationship and will only serve to build up animosity between yourself and your significant other. Fighting fair is the only effective manner that brings you and your significant other closer to solving problems. Read More

Blog: 5 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Send that Drunken Message

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Everyone has allowed their liquid courage to get the best of them at some point, but texting drunken messages to that special someone shouldn’t become a habit! Communicating while you’re sober is the best way to chat – it keeps the conversation in control (and you from looking like a fool). So, next time you pick up a cocktail, do the right thing and put the phone DOWN. Read More

Blog: Date Night Movies for Him and Her

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Whether you’re going on a date for the first time or you’ve been with your partner for years, there’s no easier activity to enjoy than a movie night! Choosing the perfect flick that will satisfy both of you? Not so simple. This list of movies for him and her should help provide some silver screen inspiration when you need it most (and no, they’re not all chick flicks). Read More

Blog: How to Find a Healthy Balance Between Your Relationship and Your Friends

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We’ve all had them: The friends who spend ALL of their time with a significant other and almost none of it with the rest of their social gang. Problem is, when you spend zero time nurturing friendships, you end up losing them (and if a breakup should happen with your partner, life could get lonely). Balancing friends and relationships can be a tough act, but there are simple ways to do it right! Read More

Blog: Fashion Trends Guys Can Live Without

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No matter what you wear your guy is bound to think you look beautiful (he better!), but there are some trends that women love that he just can’t seem to get behind. So, before you go reaching for more maroon lipstick on date night, check out these non-man friendly fashion trends and get tips on why dudes will never get your style. Read More

Blog: How to Make Your Profile Stand Out on Quest

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Setting up a winning profile is the most important step after downloading the QuestChat Mobile Dating App because it’s the first introduction you have to the hundreds of local singles in your area! Want to know how to make the best first impression online? Here’s a few tips to help make your profile stand out (and to land you that first Quest date): Read More

Blog: How to Date a Sports Fanatic

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Thought he just loved sports, but turns out he’s a complete fanatic? No need to worry, you can totally rock this thing – all it takes is finding out where you fit into his obsession, and working the support angle so he feels like you care about his interests. Come on, if he can deal with the hundreds of throw pillows, you can certainly cut him some slack on those Blue Jays bed sheets. Read More