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Blog: The Secret To Acing the Double Date

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Double Dating Dos

Double dating isn’t for everyone, but it’s worth taking the risk. You never know if you and your partner hit it off with another couple or if you and a friend find long life partners with two buddies. To ease the pains and stress of double dating, we’ve created a quick list of ways you can ace the double date. Read More

Blog: Communication Tips for the Shy Couple

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Finding your voice in a relationship is already tough for most people, but when you add a shy personality into the mix it can feel close to impossible. You probably know couples that have found a balance (one is more extroverted than the other), but how do two shy people in love figure out successful communication? Get some answers when you check out this list offering a few tips for shy couples! Read More

Blog: Hollywood Rom-Coms: Destroying Expectations of Love For Your Pleasure

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How Hollywood Media Affects Our Expectations of Love

You know the story…boy meets girl. The boy is incredibly cold-hearted and reserved, yet the girl, who is of seemingly modest background, manages to bring out the heart in him, in a short span of time. Then they appear to live happily ever after because the fade-away movie shot is of them laughing and kissing as the credits roll. Read More

Blog: Confronting a Cheater

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How To Confront A Cheater

Confronting a cheater needs careful planning. It’s easy for a confrontation like this to spiral out of control and there may be more damage than fixing done after the fight is over. Although infidelity is never an easy relationship concept to deal with, here are the best tips to help get through this emotionally challenging time: Read More

Blog: What Women Seek in Men

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Being the man of every woman’s dreams isn’t possible, but exposing a few qualities that almost all women love can definitely make things easier when you enter into the dating scene. It’s important that you are yourself (ladies want someone who is honest and real), but should you need a couple pointers on what women seek in men, read on: Read More

Blog: Inappropriate Topics for a First Date

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There are a million little questions that plague us all before a first date – what to wear, where to go, when to steal a kiss, and finally, what to talk about in that initial conversation! Wear something simple, go somewhere fun, and whatever you do avoid these conversation topics for a first date, especially if you’re hoping for a smooch by the end of the night. Read More

Blog: 7 Signs it’s more than just a Fling

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The summer might be winding down, but that doesn’t mean your summer fling has to too! Figure out if that perfect July love is the real deal by looking out for these seven signs.

1) Talks about the Future

If you and your summer romance partner are talking long into the night about the future (and seeing the other person in it) then you’re in a real relationship. Flings are for fun and the non-committal – they don’t include serious chats on where you’ll both be in 6 months! Read More