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5 Signs You’re in a Toxic Relationship

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If you’ve started reading this article, then chances are you’ve been questioning just how solid your relationship really is – would you define it as healthy or toxic? Sometimes it can be super easy to see the issues for what they are, and other times you’re so close to it all that it’s completely confusing. Real talk: If you can relate to any of the signs below, it may be time to re-evaluate what’s going on with your partner! Read More

Blog: How to Breakup with Someone You Live With

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Moving in with your significant other can be romantic and fun and usually signals great things ahead in a relationship! But what happens when everything sours and you decide to breakup? Suddenly every move you make (pun not intended) carries so much more weight – because it’s not just an end to the loving relationship that once existed, it’s an end to your entire lifestyle.
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Blog: Is it Okay to Stay Friends with an Ex?

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exes as friends
The hardest part about breaking up is the friendship that you lose when all has been said and done. Chances are your partner wasn’t just a lover, but your greatest cheerleader, your confidante, your best friend! So, what do you do after the break up? Is it okay to stay friends with an ex? There’s only one way to determine if friendship with an ex is possible, and that’s by making the ultimate “pros and cons” list. Read More

Blog: Confronting a Cheater

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How To Confront A Cheater

Confronting a cheater needs careful planning. It’s easy for a confrontation like this to spiral out of control and there may be more damage than fixing done after the fight is over. Although infidelity is never an easy relationship concept to deal with, here are the best tips to help get through this emotionally challenging time: Read More

Blog: Should We Break Up or Stay Together?

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blog-shouldyoubreakup3There’s a reason why people talk about relationships being “work” – it’s because they are! But some relationships are more work than others, and if you find yourself in one that’s got you asking “should we break up?”, it’s definitely time to reassess.

Sit down and make up a list of pros and cons (it’s good to see all the reasons you work and all the reasons that you don’t). Tell your partner to make a list of his/her own, and when you’ve both finished come back to one another and talk out your feelings. BE HONEST. Read More

Blog: How to Know if He’s The One

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blog-hestheoneYou’ve found him! Sure, it may have taken some time to get here, but you finally found the perfect dude for you and life couldn’t feel any better. There’s only a single question that remains, and it’s the biggest one to answer – is he THE guy? Deciphering whether he’s “The One” or just the one for right now can be tough, but there’s a few things to consider that might make answering that ultimate question easier: Read More

Blog: 6 Signs Your Relationship is Over

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How to know if your relationship is overWhile not every argument or problem means a relationship’s over, it’s generally safe to say that these are 6 signs your relationship is over… and that there’s just no bouncing back. Read on to learn what the biggest deal breakers are, and how to cope with the fact that it’s time to move on.

6. One of You is Much Older and You Always Fight Because Of It

Is one of you significantly older than the other (read: more than 8 years)? A large age gap can be tough on any relationship, but when it’s the reason for ongoing arguments it generally means it’s over. Why? Because age isn’t something you can change, and if you’ve fought about it consistently up until now – chances are that’s going to change in the near future. Large age gaps can be tricky to deal with, especially when you’re also not from the same walks of life – if you’re a diehard country girl and he’s an older city slicker, it’s more than just age causing differences… it’s fundamental upbringing, beliefs and life experiences. Read More

Blog: Break Up Advice Your Best Friend Would Give You

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blog-breakupadviceNo matter how it ends, there’s almost nothing worse than getting your heart broken. But the good news? Those wretched feelings don’t last forever! One day you’re going to stop creeping his Facebook, showering daily will make it back into your routine, and getting over it won’t be a phrase you just say, you’ll finally be able to do it. What you need is some break up advice from your BFF.

Here’s a little dating advice to help you get your life back to normal: Read More