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5 Books Every Single Woman Should Read in 2015 and Why

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Listen up, ladies! Whether you’re single or not, you’re sure to find something you’ll love in this post. We’ve broken down the five books every single woman should read (or woman in general, for that matter) in 2015 and why. Finally, a reason to break out that Kindle you bought ages ago but haven’t used in months or to trek to your local bookstore to enjoy a few chapters along with a coffee. Ready, set, go! Read More

Workout Gear That Actually Improves Your Workout

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Trainermat Sport Performance Mat – $29.99

This training mat was designed by professional trainers and used by elite athletes. Even if you’re not Kobe Bryant or Maria Sharapova, this piece of workout gear will take you to the next level. What makes this mat different from others is that it has 24 essential exercises printed right on the mat and acts as a guideline for your next workout. These exercises aim to build muscle strength and elasticity and for its cheap price, we would splurge on these bad boys! Read More