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Blog: What Women Seek in Men

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Being the man of every woman’s dreams isn’t possible, but exposing a few qualities that almost all women love can definitely make things easier when you enter into the dating scene. It’s important that you are yourself (ladies want someone who is honest and real), but should you need a couple pointers on what women seek in men, read on: Read More

Blog: 5 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Send that Drunken Message

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Everyone has allowed their liquid courage to get the best of them at some point, but texting drunken messages to that special someone shouldn’t become a habit! Communicating while you’re sober is the best way to chat – it keeps the conversation in control (and you from looking like a fool). So, next time you pick up a cocktail, do the right thing and put the phone DOWN. Read More

Blog: How to Find a Healthy Balance Between Your Relationship and Your Friends

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We’ve all had them: The friends who spend ALL of their time with a significant other and almost none of it with the rest of their social gang. Problem is, when you spend zero time nurturing friendships, you end up losing them (and if a breakup should happen with your partner, life could get lonely). Balancing friends and relationships can be a tough act, but there are simple ways to do it right! Read More