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RL Date Checklist

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Taking your phone/online date connection into the real world can sometimes feel overwhelming, but before you stress out about that first in-person hangout check our guide on how to prepare. From quelling anxiety to how to kick the conversation up a notch, we’ve got your real life date totally covered! Read More

What Your Date Says About His Ex & What It Means For You

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If your date says this about his ex, “My ex and I ended on good terms.”

Take this as a sign that your date is mature enough that he can address the end of his relationship with his ex ended on a good note. Whatever the reason for the end of their relationship was, it doesn’t matter. What matters is how the breakup was dealt with. You can be that your date will be mature in handling matters in your relationship. Read More

5 Things Everyone Should Experience Before Entering a Serious Relationship

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1. Living Alone

It’s so important to figure out who you are (and what you’re truly capable of) before you get into a serious relationship, and there’s no better way to do that than living on your own. You’ll learn how to rely on yourself for EVERYTHING, how to love being alone, and best yet, how to fix house things when they break. No for real, you should totally know how to do that! Read More