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5 Things To Ask Yourself Before Entering A New Relationship

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Entering a new relationship can bring about many questions and concerns. General worries can include whether this is the right person to enter a relationship with or whether you’re even ready for a new relationship at all. No matter what pre-relationship jitters you’re experiencing, our QuestChat experts have rounded up the top 5 questions you need to ask yourself before entering any type of new relationship! Read More

5 Things Everyone Should Experience Before Entering a Serious Relationship

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1. Living Alone

It’s so important to figure out who you are (and what you’re truly capable of) before you get into a serious relationship, and there’s no better way to do that than living on your own. You’ll learn how to rely on yourself for EVERYTHING, how to love being alone, and best yet, how to fix house things when they break. No for real, you should totally know how to do that! Read More

Why Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Want to Move in with You

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More often than not it’s us ladies who push for a relationship move-in, and while the men who adore us love the idea of shacking up eventually, it can take a little more time for them to get used to the concept. Want to figure out why your boyfriend doesn’t want to move in with you? It might signal trouble in paradise, but it’s more likely that he just needs reassurance and time from the one he loves the most — YOU. Read More

Blog: So, Your Best Friend is Attracted to Your Boyfriend?

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blog-flirtyfriendSo, your best friend is attracted to your boyfriend, huh? That’s definitely a tricky situation and happens so much more often than you know.

When you’re paired up with a gorgeous, talented and smart man it’s only natural that others will be attracted to him also. You would, however, expect that your closest friends would do their best to fight their urges to pounce on your guy! Read More

Blog: Parents Hate Your Girlfriend? Here’s How to Deal.

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Blog-parentshateLove your lady, but the ‘rents don’t feel the same? Not completely ideal, but not the end of the world either! First, you need to sit down with your parents and figure out what it is about your girl that they’re not so fond of – maybe she made a bad first impression? Or perhaps they just don’t feel like she’s the right one for you.

Whatever the reasoning is, you need to be clear this is someone you care for deeply, and while you appreciate them looking out for your best interests, at the end of the day the person you date is your decision. Read More

Blog: Is an Open Relationship for Me?

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Blog-openrelationshipDeciding to start an open relationship with your partner is a HUGE decision, and one that should definitely not be taken lightly! Whether you’re the one who suggested going open or your lover brought it to the table, make sure you really understand what you’re getting yourselves into – or you could end up in a seriously sucky situation. Read More