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Here’s Why You Should Stop Comparing Your Relationship to Your Friends’

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It’s easy to get caught up comparing relationships to your friends’ situations, but it’s SO not worth it! The comparison game won’t make you happy (it really just brings you further down) and it might even cause certain people to avoid hanging out with you altogether. You want to find true relationship bliss? It starts with giving yourself a break. Read More

How To Successfully Initiate The “Where Is This Going” Relationship Talk

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Never feel awkward bringing up this conversation again! Having the “What are we?” and “Where is this going?” talk can be quite daunting, especially if you’ve never been the one to initiate it before. However, here are 3 major tips to follow when doing so and you’ll definitely come up with a crystal clear answer regarding your relationship! Read More

How To Spark A Healthy Debate In A Relationship

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Never have a disastrous argument again! Debating in a relationship is a healthy means of keeping the spark alive. By engaging in a civil disagreement with your partner once in a while can help provide mental stimulation and it also shows how the two of you can tolerate and live with each other’s clashing values. Here are 5 relationship rules to follow when having a healthy debate. Read More

5 Things You Should Never Settle Without

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Before you get all nestled in with your significant other take a hard look at your relationship together. Are you both getting the very best of each other, or have things taken a turn for the boring (or worse disrespectful)? Never settle for less than you deserve in your partnership, not only does it signal future problems, but also the lack of love you’ve got for yourself! It’s time to know your worth and own it always. Read More