Blog: 5 Topics To Avoid On the Phone with a Guy

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phone date topics
1) Your Ex(es)

This is always a red flag. Discussing your ex(es) is number one out of all the topics to avoid on the phone with a guy. Why focus on the past when you can focus all your energies on a new potential partner? Talking about your exes and how horrible (or super awesome) they were will give off the signal to your phone chat partner that there may still be lingering feelings and that you might not be ready to move on just yet.

2) Hobbies That Are Hard To Relate To

This doesn’t mean stop doing the things you love! Uncommon hobbies such as crystal healing or ventriloquism are hobbies which may be hard for your partner to relate to, especially if you can’t show off your skills! While it’s great to share your interests, don’t get too technical when talking about your special hobby. Stick to layman’s terms and simplify the complexity of your hobby during a phone chat with a guy and he’ll be more than likely to follow along!

3) Whining About How Crappy Your Job Is

Nobody likes to leave an impression as a whiner, but we don’t always know we’re doing it. During your first phone chat with a guy, steer clear of how crappy your job is. This gives the impression that you’re just miserable with yourself and that’s not such an attractive quality! Unless the two of you are closer, avoid bringing in negative emotions and you’ll prevent awkward lulls during your phone chat.

4) Any Family Drama

Just like how whining about a crappy job is unattractive, bringing up any family drama is just as bad. Don’t bring up daddy issues during your phone chat with your partner, otherwise all he’ll see is just drama drama drama. For example, if your parents are divorced, tell him, but don’t go into the messy details of how it messed you up for life and ruined your expectations of relationships.

Plus if this guy becomes serious with you, you wouldn’t want the first impression of your family to be negative right?

5) Celebrity Gossip

Celebrity gossip may just be the reason he hangs up the phone…forever. Not many guys are into the celebrity culture and couldn’t care less about the latest breakup rumours surrounding Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. So if you go on and on about celebrity gossip that offers no substance to the relationship, you might find yourself looking for another guy to hold a phone chat with. If you happen to hold a phone chat with a guy who loves celebrity culture, then great! Gab away, but in many cases, save the celebrity gossip for your gal pals.

Blog: 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Unfriend Your Ex On Social Media

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why you shouldnt unfriend your ex
Winning Them Back

There’s no better way to win an ex back than by showing them how better off you are without them. Don’t unfriend your ex on social media, otherwise they’ll miss out on all the achievements you earn and how hot you are. Seriously, they’ll be regretting the day they broke things off with the wonderful you!

No Way To Check How They’re Doing

On the other hand, you might be doing so great after a breakup and you might wonder what your ex is up to now. When you unfriend your ex on social media, you lose all means of receiving their updates and posts. This might make it harder for you to deal with your post-break up emotions. Keeping your ex on social media is a great way for you to slowly accept the fact that the relationship is over.

Your Ex Might Take Offence

If your ex takes offence to being unfriended on social media, then they have some growing up to do, but if you want to avoid the post-break up drama, then keep them on your social media. When you unfriend an ex on social media, keep in mind that they might not accept another friend request from you.

You’ll Seem Like The Bigger Person

If you’re the one who got dumped, don’t unfriend your ex on social media. Be the bigger person and show them how mature you are. Let them see that you can cope just fine with a break up and that you don’t need to blow up a storm of angry/mopey Facebook posts and tweets about how they were a horrible relationship partner.

Oh Let’s Face It… We’re A Stalker Culture

Admit it, you might just be a little ex-obsessed. It’s not an abnormal thing because most of us go through it after a breakup. So stalk away and rant about how they’re already dating someone just minutes after breaking up with you. Letting go of the anger is good, just make sure you don’t unleash it on your Facebook status.

Blog: What You Can Tell About Your Date By Their Zodiac Sign

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It’s all in the stars! Here’s what you can tell about your date by their zodiac sign. Is it headed for destiny or disaster?

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

Capricorns need a partner who’s alright with being thrown into their balance of work and play. They need a partner who can introduce fun to them, as Capricorns throw themselves into work and forget to take a breather. They have an offbeat sense of humour, which makes up for their workaholic tendencies and while they are driven by success, money and status, what truly drives a Capricorn (even though they might not openly admit it!) is love. Read More

Blog: Phone Dating 101: How to Tell if a Person is Worth the Second Phone Call

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Had a great first phone date, but aren’t sure if you should make that second call? Starting a connection over the phone can be tricky for the most seasoned of daters – check these tips for how to tell if a person is worth the second phone call.

They Ask You about YOU

A great phone conversation (or any conversation for that matter) should be all about the give and take. Look for questions being thrown your way about life, your thoughts, your family, etc., after or before your phone partner answers some of his/her own. The back and forth makes for an engaging chat, but also proves that you’re not talking to someone who is totally self-absorbed. Read More

Blog: Skype Sex 101

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Got a partner who doesn’t live in the area, but you’re hungry for some lovin’? Thanks to today’s advances in tech, you can take traditional phone sex up a notch into virtual video territory. But before you make the move into online hanky panky, check out these tips to help get you started! Read More

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