Blog: Why Do Guys Try to Pick Up Women at the Gym?

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Co-ed gyms aren’t just for exercise – these days they’re considered one of the top places to meet other singles! Guys are notorious for trying to pick up women while they tone and tighten, so don’t be shocked if you find yourself getting hit on in the middle of a sweat session. So, what is it that inspires guys to try to pick up women at the gym? The answers are a lot more obvious than you might think!

Common Interests: You’re working out, he’s working out – it’s clear that you have at least one thing in common (even if it’s just on your love for squats). The world of pick up line possibilities becomes massive and his game success looks very likely. Not buying what he’s selling? Tell him you’re super flattered, but that the only date you’re looking to go on at the moment is with the elliptical. He’ll get the picture!

Fitness = Sexy: Hot workout outfits. Toned abs. Sweat. Come on, of course he’s going to take his chances at picking you up! A fit body is a sexy one (at least to most gym bunnies) so it shouldn’t be much of a surprise to find that guys get a little turned on by attractive women on the treadmill.

Alpha Male Performance: Working out in front of you is the ultimate way to prove he’s a strong hottie. That tank top shows off his buff arms, the shorts give you a glimpse of his toned legs, and the amount of reps he’s counting out totally prove that he’s powerful. At least that’s the thought process he’s got going on during his pick up attempt!

You’re Alone: On a bar night he’d be forced to play nice with whatever girlfriend you’ve got attached to you, but at the gym he can keep the focus completely on his target! Sure, maybe that seems a little creepy in some ways, but the reality is that most dudes do better without distraction. If you’re alone, he assumes that the likelihood of a conversation is that much greater.



Blog: 3 Reasons Why Women Hate When You Try to Pick Them Up at the Gym

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The gym is kind of like a second job for women, only difference being that we earn a toned abdomen and a tight derrière instead of money. It would be inappropriate to pick up one of your female coworkers at your place of work and for women the same applies to the place we workout. Here are three reasons why women hate when you try to pick them up at the gym. Read More

Blog: Things Men Think are Romantic That Actually Aren’t

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Most men like to claim that they’re really romantic, but when it comes to the follow through on that romance, a whole other story starts to emerge. We definitely give props to the guys who try, but before you present another teddy bear to your lady, you might want to get a dose of cold truth from this list of things men think are romantic that actually aren’t. Read More

Blog: The Best (and Classiest) Sexy Workouts in Toronto

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As women we love occasionally hitting the gym, but most of us aren’t into the type of hardcore strength training that guys are. Luckily, many female-focused workout shops have come up with some sexy alternatives for us ladies to get our work out on. Check out some of these fun classes for sexy workouts at one of your local studios. Read More

Blog: 6 Reasons Why You’re Not Meeting More Local Singles

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Been on a bunch of dates, but you’re still solo? What you really need is to meet more local singles. Easier said than done, until now! Check out our tips on why you’re having trouble meeting more people and how you can switch up the strategy.

1. Hitting the Wrong Places

If you really want to meet more local singles you’ve got to stay on top of where these people dine, drink and hang! Dinner at a restaurant for families or drinks in a bar that caters to old regulars isn’t gonna do the job. Get on the web and seek out places that are known for being mostly populated with singles (or search for bars that cater to a specific crowd that you’re most interested in meeting). Read More

Blog: Top 5 Singles Vacation Destinations for Winter

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Ready for the winter? We most certainly are ready to tackle the promises of winter wonderland with these singles vacation destination trips. Don’t worry, we DO realize that we’ve still got to finish up summer and make our way through fall. But, this post is to encourage you to start dreaming up how you want to spend your winter (and maybe even book a trip at an early bird discount rate!):

1) Hang Out At The Beach

What better way to escape from winter by traveling to a tropical country where the weather is sunny all year around? You can keep flaunting your beach body and avoid the wintry chills by cozying up with your pals on the sand. Island vacation getaways are becoming increasingly popular singles vacation destinations because expenses are cheaper during the winter season and not everyone loves the cold! Read More

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