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Blog: Why Do Guys Try to Pick Up Women at the Gym?

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Co-ed gyms aren’t just for exercise – these days they’re considered one of the top places to meet other singles! Guys are notorious for trying to pick up women while they tone and tighten, so don’t be shocked if you find yourself getting hit on in the middle of a sweat session. So, what is it that inspires guys to try to pick up women at the gym? The answers are a lot more obvious than you might think! Read More

Blog: 3 Reasons Why Women Hate When You Try to Pick Them Up at the Gym

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The gym is kind of like a second job for women, only difference being that we earn a toned abdomen and a tight derrière instead of money. It would be inappropriate to pick up one of your female coworkers at your place of work and for women the same applies to the place we workout. Here are three reasons why women hate when you try to pick them up at the gym. Read More