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February 2014

Blog: What Girls are Really Thinking When They Say “I’m Fine”

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What I'm Fine MeansYou’ve heard it before. Your girl’s acting a little moody and you’ve asked the age-old question, “What’s wrong sweetie?” Your lady retorts with the worst-ever response, “I’m fine”. What’s a guy to do? How are you supposed to be able to fix the situation if she won’t just come out and tell you what’s wrong?! Well, this is what girls are really thinking when they say they’re fine. Hopefully it helps give you a little relationship guidance.

1. She really could be fine

Sometimes, a girl’s just feeling fine. Maybe her day wasn’t all that eventful. Maybe she’s just relaxing and enjoying some drama-free time. Or, maybe she just honestly feels fine. Unless she says it with a pout or angry face, we wouldn’t recommend pressing her too much. You  might end up making her angry or annoyed with you when she’s honestly just having an OK day.
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Blog: Should You Break Up With Your Boyfriend? Read this First.

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Should you break up with your boyfriend?It used to be so easy to break up with someone. You remember, don’t you? Think back to high school when the average relationship’s lifespan was less than 5 months and the average breakup recovery time was about 5 hours. Now that you’re all grown up and in an adult relationship, things get a little complicated. If you’ve been wondering whether or not you should break up with your boyfriend – read this first.

We don’t blame you for considering taking a one way ticket to splitsville. It’s normal and happens each and every day to hundreds of thousands of people. Before you do break the news to your beau, however, you’ll want to be sure you’re making the best choice for you. Plus, you so don’t want to be caught crawling back to him days later begging for him to take your back. That’s not a flattering look for anyone!
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Blog: A User’s Secrets to Success On Quest

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How to Find Love on QuestChatSince becoming a Quest user in 2008 I’ve met some great friends, and some people who have turned out to be more than friends. Some girls I met on Quest became long-term girlfriends, while others we decided to have some fun and then go our separate ways. Here’s my three key secrets to success on Quest Chat:

1) Make a Detailed Greeting – I can’t say this enough. Your greeting is the best way to showcase your personality and make women want to talk to you. In my greetings I always give a thorough description of what I look like, what I’m interested in and what I hope to come of the girls I have a live chat with.
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Blog: Why Real, Local Singles Choose QuestChat

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Why use QuestChatWith so many dating app and chat line options out there, you might be wondering why real, local singles choose QuestChat over other products. That’s totally okay, and we love that you’re doing a little research on us. We’ve got nothing to hide, so keep reading for the top 4 reasons real singles choose QuestChat.

1. Everyone on the line is a REAL person

Authenticity is SO important to us at QuestChat. We don’t believe in using paid operators to trick customers into spending longer on our lines. We work diligently to ensure every man and woman on the QuestChat phone line is a real person looking for real conversation. No matter what day or time, you can rest assured that you’re connecting with someone just like you.

2. QuestChat gives you total control

Don’t feel like talking to someone? No problem – just hit “skip” or “block”! With QuestChat, you always have total control over who you connect with. You’ll never have to worry about being forced into an awkward conversation and can spend your time talking with who you want – for however long you want. You always have the opportunity to end any conversation with the touch of a button. If only real life were that easy!
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