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The Best Dating Advice From The Big Screen

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Pride & Prejudice

If there’s anything to learn from this book to movie adaptation is that, you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover…or by first impressions. A classic piece of dating advice, this can be applied to any social situation, but in a romantic situation, solidifying your impression of someone from the first moment you meet them can prove to be a crucial mistake. Read More

Blog: Hollywood Rom-Coms: Destroying Expectations of Love For Your Pleasure

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How Hollywood Media Affects Our Expectations of Love

You know the story…boy meets girl. The boy is incredibly cold-hearted and reserved, yet the girl, who is of seemingly modest background, manages to bring out the heart in him, in a short span of time. Then they appear to live happily ever after because the fade-away movie shot is of them laughing and kissing as the credits roll. Read More