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Some Kind of Kindness

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Has the ‘Milk of Human Kindness’ curdled?


I’ve been thinking about kindness. We all think we are nice people. Good people. But are we? Just because we are not bad or evil, does that automatically make us good? Just as doing an evil or bad thing requires action, doesn’t then being good also require an action? Just simply being is neither good nor bad. It is simply neutral. You don’t hear many people describe themselves as neutral, but most of us are, truthfully. We seem to run our lives in neutral. We shop, with no thought of what or where or who those items we buy came from and at what cost. We simply buy and consume. Even sharks are more selective. Even when a shark makes a mistake and bites a human, they realize that we are not their usual fare and swim away. Now, mind you, the bitten one usually bleeds to death, but that is beside the point. Read More