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5 Things To Ask Yourself Before Entering A New Relationship

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Entering a new relationship can bring about many questions and concerns. General worries can include whether this is the right person to enter a relationship with or whether you’re even ready for a new relationship at all. No matter what pre-relationship jitters you’re experiencing, our QuestChat experts have rounded up the top 5 questions you need to ask yourself before entering any type of new relationship! Read More

Why Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Want to Move in with You

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More often than not it’s us ladies who push for a relationship move-in, and while the men who adore us love the idea of shacking up eventually, it can take a little more time for them to get used to the concept. Want to figure out why your boyfriend doesn’t want to move in with you? It might signal trouble in paradise, but it’s more likely that he just needs reassurance and time from the one he loves the most — YOU. Read More

5 Things You Should Never Settle Without

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Before you get all nestled in with your significant other take a hard look at your relationship together. Are you both getting the very best of each other, or have things taken a turn for the boring (or worse disrespectful)? Never settle for less than you deserve in your partnership, not only does it signal future problems, but also the lack of love you’ve got for yourself! It’s time to know your worth and own it always. Read More