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Blog: Dating 101 – When To Text Vs. When To Call

When To Call

The battle of when to text vs. when to call is one of the newer phenomenons that has been tackled a number of times over the years, but some people still just don’t know when to call and when to text. Here are 3 crucial examples of when you must call your partner instead of texting them:

Discussing Something Important

It’s so important to discuss important things over the phone as text messages or IMs can get easily misinterpreted. Whether it’s plans for next week or a topic that actually affects your future with a partner, you’ll get a better and more in-depth response from your partner.

Asking Someone Out

Want to show that person how much you like them? Don’t text them! Give them a call when you ask them out on a date! It’ll seem a lot more personal and it’ll give you another reason to hear their voice (and for them to hear yours!). While it may seem more tempting and less nerve-wracking to ask someone out via text, don’t! Asking someone out over the phone gives you an advantage over those text-crazy people.

Deep Conversations

Ahhh…deep conversations. The bane of every relationship’s existence. Imagine trying to establish an emotional connection with someone over lengthy text messages. The flow of the conversation gets disrupted and let’s face it, it’s just not as romantic. So lock yourself in a closet for some privacy and dial up your partner for a nice conversation. Nothing screams romance more than late night conversations on the phone.

When To Text

The battle of when to text vs. when to call continues! Basically, the rule of thumb is that when it’s more serious, call your partner. If it’s something lighthearted, text them! However, just in case you need a bit of guidance of when to text, here are 3 examples of when to text your partner as opposed to calling your partner:

After A Date

Fresh off the high of your tenth date, let your partner know how great of a time you had by texting them! Let them miss your voice a little by sending a quick, “Had a great time!” or something along those lines. Keep it brief, snappy and to the point. They’ll be missing you faster than you miss them!

Brief Conversation

If you’re just checking in on them, a quick text message saying, “Hey what’s up?” or “What you up to?” implies that you’re not needy. Of course, there are certain times you can call them up and just ask them how they’re doing, but doing this very often may drive your partner away as this comes off as being needy and insecure. Texting gives your partner some breathing and alone space, but at the same time, you’re showing them that you care for them.

Saying Good Night

Okay maybe in “When Harry Met Sally,” they spoke on the phone before going to bed almost every night, and Billy Crystal’s character madly states that Meg Ryan’s Sally is the woman he wants to hear before going to bed every night. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen in every relationship. Often times, your partner’s just too exhausted to speak before going to bed; they do have a life separate from you! So instead of calling them every night, a simple “Good night babe!” text will do. You might get a little surprise though: they could very well call you back after your text!

Never Call or Text to Breakup with Someone

This is a no-no on SO many levels that it shouldn’t even exist as an action. However, some people still try to avoid the awkwardness of breaking up with someone by doing via text or phone. Even if your partner didn’t mean that much to you relationship-wise, still grant them the respect of being broken up with face-to-face.

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